September Apple Packet

Yay! You’ve arrived at our September apple activity packet! I hope you will download these sheets and join us this month. These were all created and hand drawn by me with so much love in hopes of creating resources that your little ones can enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and if you decide to join us please tag #whiledannynaps

Anatomy of an Apple
Pie Bottoms
Apple Slices for Pie Filling

Pie Tops

Cut along black lines

For bottom two pie tops cut strips and criss cross over pies

Types of Apples Chart

Types of Apples cards

Make two copies and cut out cards to create an apple memory game

Apple Picking Playdough Mat

See attached card for Apple playdough recipe

Laminate for best results

Apple Cards

A is for Apple

2 toddler friendly apple recipes

Instructions for Apple playdough

*apple playdough is a stovetop recipe. Be careful, it will be hot!

Let’s build something together!