October Printables

It’s spooky season! October is one of my favorite months of the year and I’m so excited to share some of the resources Danny and I will be using to dive into the subject of Pumpkins and Halloween.

All printables were created and hand drawn by me. Enjoy!

A Trick or Treating Alphabet

Types of Pumpkins Chart

I did a lot of research on types of pumpkins for this. Who knew there were so many? This isn’t nearly all of them but it’s a good place to start.
These work really well cut out and put into a sensory bin. It’s fun to find them and match them up using the pumpkin chart above

Fall Senses Scavenger Hunt

Go explore your neighborhood using your senses with this super simple scavenger hunt! See what else you can see, hear, smell and touch. Maybe even jump in a puddle!

Pumpkin Patch Playdough Mat

Jack-o-lantern Emotions

Cut out the shapes on the right and match them up to the pumpkins on the left to create some jack o lantern emotions.

Count and Clip Cards

Cut these cards out and use a clothespin to choose the correct number of spooky objects. Since Danny is still very young we will be using these to get familiar with the numbers and practicing our pincer grasp.

Let’s build something together!