Don’t Throw Out Those Egg Shells! – 2 activities made using eggshells

Around here we’re always looking for ways to repurpose when it comes to play. This past week we have been experimenting with ways to reuse egg shells and I have to say they have been some of my favorite activities.

I knew eggshells would be a hit because ever since Easter Danny has been fascinated with them. He asks for them constantly and I really wanted to find ways for him to get his egg fix besides hard boiled eggs.

Eggshell Smash Painting

Our first activity was eggshell smash painting. Yes this is as fun as it sounds and I won’t lie, my husband and I got in on it too.

Step 1: empty the eggshell by making a small hole at the top

Step 2. Rinse out the eggshell x2 for good measure

Step 3. Fill the eggshells with paint. I do it about a third of the way. I also use washable paint for easy cleanup afterward.

Step 4: place outside with toy hammer. I put down a piece of paper or a box lid for him to smash on.

Step 5: step aside and let your child smash and play.

Frozen Eggshell Surprise

For our second activity I wanted him to incorporate the peeling process. This is so fun for toddlers and such a great way to improve concentration and fine motor skills.

Step 1. Empty eggshells leaving a small hole at the top

Step 2: Rinse

out eggshells x2

Step 3: Collect objects from nature. We will try this in the future with small toys.

Step 4: Add a few pieces of collected materials to each eggshell

Step 5: Top off with water

6: Freeze

7: Bring outside and enjoy peeling them to discover what’s inside. These are beautiful in the sun.

You can also add a bucket of water to speed up the melting process. Luckily we live in Arizona so we had no issue there.

So there you guys have it! I hope you enjoyed these! I’m working on more eggshell activities so stay tuned!

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