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Baby Friendly Sensory Bins

These are meant to be for babies who have already began to eat*

I wanted to share some of my favorite sensory bins. I realized that I shared most of these in my Instagram stories so I really wanted a place to compile them.

This was something I experimented with a bit since I really wanted Danny to enjoy them. He was only a baby and some of the more popular ideas out there posed choking hazards which was not going to work with a kid who really loves putting everything in his mouth. There are great ideas out there for older toddlers and older kids but hardly any for babies so I tested some out myself and here is what worked for me.

1. The first bin

This was my very first sensory bin attempt. For this one I simply used oats. My focus was just for him to explore the texture with his hands. I definitely didn’t overthink this one and I think that made for the best results. Just some oats and some scoops and toys. I used wooden eggs.

2. Cheerios

This was one of my favorite bins because he enjoyed exploring it as much as he did snacking on it. I added a small bin of oats for him to alternate, some scoops, bowls and it was a big hit. I’ve recreated this one several times and each time has been just as successful

3. Jello ocean scene

This one was probably the one that kept his attention the longest. I created an edible ocean scene for him to explore and even when he got distracted I found him returning to it constantly

Here’s what I used to create it:

Ocean: sugar free jello

Sand: ground up graham crackers


Sea animals.

I was so proud of this one so I have the most pictures of it. It took the longest to prepare but I think it was well worth it.

4. Water and bubbles

Finally, an easy go to sensory bin when you don’t have a lot of time is a simple water or bubble bin. Toss in a few toys or sea creatures and you’re good to go.

I added balls from Dannys ball pit and he enjoyed that. Next time I’ll probably set this one up in a place where he can splash freely instead of having to set up towels under it after it was too late. Oh well, you live and learn right?

Now that he’s a toddler I’m looking forward to trying out new bins and themes with him but for now these have a special place in my heart. I hope your kid will enjoy them as much as mine did.

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