The last sink bath

You don’t always know when the last time will be. You’re only 16 months and I can already say that for so many things. Too many things.

I don’t remember the last time you crawled across the floor and clung on to the nearest piece of furniture attempting to find your balance. Or the last time you looked up at me with a toothless gummy smile.

There are so many lasts in life and sometimes they pass us by undetected.

But this time I knew. I knew this would be the last sink bath.

I knew by how hard it was to get you in that sink by myself at 27 weeks pregnant and by how you tried standing up every few seconds. I don’t blame you. You’re used to big boy baths now. You’re used to tossing the shampoo bottles around despite all the bath toys we’ve bought you. I tried to make this one special by adding some holiday touches from the dollar spot but we both knew all those little details would soon be scattered across the kitchen floor. Let’s be honest, you weren’t having it and neither was I. This was the last time.

Still, I wish every moment could be like this,

that we could stop and commemorate the last of it, take it in, photograph it. But the truth is more often than not those moments pass us by without warning.

So for now let’s enjoy the things we still can, like cuddling on the couch. I’ll hold you close and pray that despite all the lasts we’ll share, the last of this moment is nowhere near in sight.

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