Thunder and Breathing

It’s currently monsoon season in Arizona. As I’m laying awake listening to the thunder and getting these glimpses of lighting through our blackout curtain (ineffective apparently) I can’t help but remember the days when Dan and I were dating.

One day in particular I was visiting from California and when the thunder and lighting started we got so excited that we went out and found the highest hill we could climb so we could get a closer look. We packed our cameras and some snacks. Those were the days when we took our amateur photographer titles very seriously. We would drive hours, hang off cliffs, in this case climb hills during thunderstorms. All for the shot.

We stayed there for about an hour messing around with the camera settings because we didn’t really know what we were doing to be honest. Dan tried keeping the camera as still as possible to get a long exposure shot while I frantically googled the proper settings. In the end we were so happy with what we got. We always were. I thinks that’s what I remember the most. The joy of getting that shot. In retrospect it wasn’t even always that great. But we had accomplished something, and better yet we had photographic evidence of it.

Our lives are so different now. I recently found my old camera that sat in a corner unused for over a year. I’ve played around with it a bit but not much. We watch thunderstorms safely from inside as our little boy presses his face against the sliding door glass to get a better look. We watch for mere minutes and then head to bed. and now everyone sleeps as I lie awake listening to the sounds of thunder intermingled with the soft restful breathing of a one year old.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll take my camera back out. Maybe I’ll convince Dan to go on a mini photo adventure. Or maybe Danny and I will go together while Dan is at work. He’ll bounce along as I point and shoot and get into strange angles to get a better view. Maybe.

But for now I just lie awake and listen. Listen to the thunder and the breathing. Soak it in and know this moment is just as precious. Just as fleeting. Just as awe inspiring. No photographic evidence required.

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