How I remodeled my ikea Duktig kitchen with $18

Ok so maybe the basic remodel was 18 dollars but the accessories ran me a little more. In total we spent 51 dollars without including the cost of the kitchen itself.

If you’re like me you spend hours at night admiring Pinterest DIY boards and wondering how much of a fail yours would be IRL. No? Just me? Ok

Well, my husband and I recently decided to graduate from Pinterest dreaming to Pinterest reality and I must say it’s not as scary as it seems. My husband decided that he wanted our baby to have his own Ikea Duktig play kitchen because he enjoys his cousin’s so much so we set out to find a used one in good condition. Side note: I love the Facebook marketplace and have found so many gems for a fraction of the price. So we found the kitchen for 40 dollars and although it was in decent condition we knew right away that we wanted to give it a Pinterest worthy makeover


Here are the materials that we purchased: here is where the 18 dollars comes in.

2 Cans matte white spray paint

1 Metallic gold spray paint

1 Roll marble contact paper

Although the project is inexpensive it is time consuming so prepare to devote at least three hours to it.

The most time consuming part is disassembling the kitchen. For the look we wanted we had to take the entire thing apart.

Next we separated the pieces that had to be painted with the metallic paint (pulls, sink, faucet, bottom of the legs)

From the pieces that we were painting white. Basically everything else except what was already white and the piece with the microwave dish on it. We wanted to keep that part as is.

One thing I found is that it required much more paint than we though for such a small kitchen. I did three coats of white paint and two of metallic.

Also, the metallic paint took sooo long to dry, probably because of the heat. ( we live in Arizona) I had to redo it because I flipped the pieces too soon and the paint stuck to the newspaper.

We thought the countertop would be the hardest part but it actually wasn’t too bad. We traced the kitchen counter, cut the outline leaving an inch extra, cut the holes for the sink and stove ( also leaving an extra inch to wrap the around the edges. We then carefully peeled the contact paper and applied it to the countertop using a credit card to get rid of air bubbles. We did mess up a time or two but we simply removed it and re applied. It was pretty easy.

When everything was dry we simply re assembled it and viola! The stuff Pinterest dreams are made of. At least mine that is.

In the end we decided to add the pots and utensils as well as some felt food . Danny enjoys playing with our pantry so much I decided to add some of my spice containers to his kitchen so he could raid his own pantry. I also dressed it up with some items from my own kitchen like the Hearth & Hand basket and pot holder as well as a little faux succulent I purchased when Danny was born.

Important note: you will want to add a finish to your project, especially on the plastic pieces as paint chips very easily when applied to plastic. We had this Mod Podge one from a previous project

Here are some pictures of our process although I wish we would have taken more:

And here is the final result! Pinterest heaven!


Raiding his own pantry

Here’s some closeups of the details which I am in love with

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