Why I chose cloth diapers

First of all I’ll say that this was something I wanted to try for a long time but I had very little knowledge about it and I certainly didn’t know where to begin.

I think the biggest de motivator for me was imagining how I would handle the number two messes I.e what will this do to my washer, is it sanitary? Etc… The first real move toward cloth diapering was when I found the cutest shop on Instagram; Nora’s Nursery . I feel a little guilty admitting that the biggest push toward the cloth direction came in the form of adorable prints.

So there I was, driven by the cuteness to actually do my homework on the subject. Here are the benefits I discovered:

1 Environmental impact.

Tens of billions of diapers are used every year and end up in landfills. These diapers take about 500 years to decompose! Not the keepsake we’d prefer to keep around! Cloth diapers can be reused over and over again if cared for properly. In fact, I hope to use the same cloths if we have another baby. We only need a stash of about 21 diapers to cloth diaper full time (although my obsession with them has led me to collect more than plenty)


I recently learned that the gel inside disposables (sodium polyacrylate) is associated with toxic shock syndrome. It is also a skin irritant which might be why babies who use disposables are more prone to diaper rash. Disposables also often have added dyes which can irritate the skin.


Ok so this is a big one. As we all know diapers are EXPENSIVE. At first buying reusable diapers might seem scary because of the upfront cost. Yes, a lot of cloth diapers out there can be pretty pricey with some reaching upwards of $20 dollars for the cost of one. I purchased through Nora’s nursery and those seem to be some of the less expensive ones on the market with a pack of seven totaling 59.95. Even then, purchasing enough for full time diapering can seem scary compared to going out and buying a pack of Mickey Mouse Huggies for 38 bucks. I think this was the biggest concern my husband had when we began. However, three months into our cloth journey, we have not bought any disposables and the my husband constantly praises our choice saying “can you imagine how much money we would have spent by now?! Yes husband, I can.

For me, as a stay at home mom, the switch has not been too difficult. I admit that I am lucky in that I have the time to wash everyday. I know many people live more hurried lives. I know some hard working moms still make it work and I truly commend them but I can only speak for myself as someone who has the time to make longer diaper changes, take the time to dispose of solids etc.

One thing I can comment on as a traveling family is diapering on the go. I think we’ve worked out a pretty good system. I use a Cooper and belle diaper caddy to store cloth diapers, extra inserts, biodegradable/ flushable Liners (to catch most of the poop),Bio degradable doggie bags ,(to toss the liner in when on the go) Cloth wipes ,Wipe solution, and extra clothes in case of a big mess, although to be honest we haven’t had many blowouts with the cloth diapers. That’s a big win in our book.

A little more on the poop because this is a question I get ALOT. Many people use an attachment on their toilet that helps spray the solids off the diapers before tossing in a wet bag or washer. I personally just like the diapers with biodegradable bamboo liners. These catch most for the poop. You then simply toss in the toilet and flush. If I’m on the go, I toss this liner in a biodegradable doggie bag to trash later. Easy peasy!

so there ya go! I hope you have enjoyed my limited knowledge of cloth diapering and that it inspires you to look more into it and hopefully make a switch. The Nora’s Nursery website is such a great tool for sizing, how to avoid leaks, mistakes to avoid, and other neat tips and tricks. Check it out!

The cutest surfer print

Cloth diapers can double as swim diapers gasp*!

Loving myself in this tropical print

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