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Baby tugging box

So this is probably the most simple project I’ve done so far with Danny. This was something I wanted to make: 1 because it’s simple and 2 because it has awesome benefits on his development. Some of the benefits of playing with a tugging box include:

  • Motor skill development
  • Exploration
    Learning cause and effect.
  • For this project I used the following materials :
    • Cardboard box
    Hmm this box smells like cookies

    But first we’ll play with mommy’s ribbon

    I used a Girl Scout cookie box I got when I ordered my obligatory 14 boxes from my niece 😆. I punctured small holes along one side of it using the scissors. I then put in the string and tied two times at both ends so it would not go through the box when Danny pulled. I chose to do various lengths because I thought this might be more interesting for him. When I first handed the box the him he just tried to nibble on it. Maybe it still smelled like Girl Scout cookies . It didn’t take too long for him to start pulling on the strings. Sometimes I would pull back through the other end to see his reaction. Although I did like this activity I will retry using s smaller box and perhaps other materials for him to play with like thin scarves or pipe cleaners. Overall, I’d say it wasn’t bad for something that took about 10 minutes to make.

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