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Mess free painting

I have always been crazy about crafting and painting. When we first started dating, Dan and I would sit in his car and just paint. Sometimes we would choose a general theme and compare. It was always a lot of fun so when I had Danny I knew I wanted to introduce art to this baby ASAP! The problem? When he got old enough to sit unassisted, absolutely everything went straight to his mouth. I’m currently working on trying edible finger painting but until I can perfect that… ziplock painting it is!

This craft is super simple. It requires only 4 materials:


•ziplock bag

•scrap paper

•washi or painters tape

I prepped for this activity by taping a letter D onto a small piece of paper.


I then taped the paper to the inside of a quart sized ziplock bag.

I added a few blobs of different colored paint to the paper and zipped it closed.

To prevent leaks I taped the bag to Danny’s table and just let him explore it with his fingers. After he was done I removed the paper from the bag and left it out to dry. That’s it! His first baby masterpiece

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